About Croatian FADN

The establishment of the FADN system in the Republic of Croatia is an obligation arising from the Agriculture law (NN 118/18, 42/20, 127/20 and 52/21). The Ministry in charge of agriculture, as the body responsible for the organization and professional implementation of the FADN system, has adopted the Ordinance on the implementation of the farm Accountancy Data system, which prescribes the conditions of implementation of the system.

The Ministry of Agriculture performs the activities of a liaison agency and conducts FADN research on a full sample of agricultural holdings in the Republic of Croatia. An agricultural holding in the FADN system is a commercial agricultural holding that generates income in agricultural activity and voluntarily participates in the FADN survey. Commercial farms are those farms large enough to provide the main activity of farmers and a level of income sufficient to maintain their own existence.

Individual data on agricultural holdings collected by the survey are confidential. Only aggregate data are published.

The FADN system includes the Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural holdings, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Zagreb and the National FADN Committee. The implementation and improvement of the FADN system is funded by the European Commission.

The FADN system is overseen by a National FADN Committee appointed by the Minister. It consists of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences, University of Osijek, Agency for Payments in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Institute of Agriculture and Tourism Porec, Institute of Adriatic Cultures and Karst Reclamation, Agricultural Institute in Osijek, Institute of Economics and farmers. The National FADN Committee is also responsible for adopting a plan for the selection of agricultural holdings participating in the survey.

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